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Children of the lion
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A monumental saga of passion, love, war and redemption from the best-selling author of The Jam Fruit Tree. ‘She will grow to plunder the senses of man and yet reject all that man can offer.’ This prophecy by the wise men at the birth of the princess Sihavathi of Vanga comes to pass when she turns seven. It is announced that she is ‘in her flowers’, and soon she has grown to know man. At ten, she leaves home to fulfil her destiny, to be the consort of the lion, and to bring forth two lion-children, Sihabahu and Sihasivali. Thus begins Carl Muller’s monumental saga about Sri Lanka. Myth combines with historical fact as the author recreates the story of the conquest of Lanka by Sihabahu and Sihasivali’s eldest son, the disgraced and banished Vijaya. In conquering the island, Vijaya is fulfilling the Buddha’s prophecy—that the truant prince would make for himself a kingdom on the island where Buddhism would take root and flower for all ages to come. The narrative goes on to describe