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With All My Heart
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Grey Janeway had no past, at least one he could remember. But in the new West, a man's past didn't matter. What he made of himself did. And in the glittering gold-rush city of San Francisco, Grey was on his way to building his empire as the owner of a prosperous gaming house and hotel. When he encountered the spellbinding psychic whose eyes—and dazzling beauty—penetrated his soul, he knew he'd just struck gold. For while her special talent could draw more crowds to his hall, her tenderness helped fill another void. But as Grey was about to learn, everything had a price, including love. Berkeley Shaw had the gift of second sight. Hired by Colin and Decker Thorne to find their missing younger brother, Berkeley left Boston and headed West—only to arrive in a city without mercy, where her abilities made her vulnerable to other people's greed. But when fate swept her to Grey Janeway, a man with a reputation for getting everything he wanted, Berkeley not only discovered what she'd set out