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Twice A Hero
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MacKenzie “Mac” Sinclair is cursed. So is the whole Sinclair family. Ever since her great-great-grandfather Peregrine returned from an expedition to the Maya ruins with half of a mysterious pendant–and without his partner, Liam O’Shea–they’ve been haunted by misfortune. That’s why Mac’s beloved grandfather wants her to undertake a solo expedition . . . to return the pendant to the ruins of Tikal and to find a way to atone for whatever part Peregrine played in Liam’s disappearance. But when Mac braves the hot, steamy, primitive jungle, something extraordinary happens: she blunders into the arms of an eerily familiar explorer. Now she’s in for more adventure than she bargained for. Because she’s found Liam O’Shea . . . alive, well, and seductively real. In the year 1884.