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Star Dancer
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Star Dancer is book 1 of a magical historical fantasy quartet. A great and terrible evil threatens the druids' future in Iron Age Britain. Their only hope is a child who will be born under an untimely comet and who is destined to protect them. As the fated star-shower lights up the sky, the druids are watching. They believe the prophesied boy has arrived. But down in the village, the midwife has just delivered a perfect little girl. Her name is Tegen - and she is the Star Dancer. Tegen is rejected by Witton, the Chief Druid - but when a visitor gives her a green silk shawl, she begins to work real magic. Near death, Witton acknowledges Tegen, forcing her to abandon her family and learn the spells and rituals of the white-robes. But there are those, close by, who secretly plot to destroy her and take power. In the great battle to overcome her enemy, Tegen is triumphant - but the cost is terrible. Now the Star Dancer must continue - alone - to fight against the evil that threatens her wo