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Cold New Dawn
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In a drama spanning thirty years, Cold New Dawn tells of a family divided. Events conspire to set father against son and mother against daughter. As a boy Keir Milford aspires to become a fleet street journalist. Then he meets Dawn Wharton whose vivid beauty and comsuming ambition throws his life into turmoil. While she pursues fame and fortune in Hollywood, Keir becomes wealthy in his own right as Beaumont Aviation's 'Mr-Fix-It'. But by selling fighter aircraft and missiles to every government in NATO, Keir clashes bitterly with his father Joe, who is dedicated to nuclear disarmament. Bridging the gap between very different lives is Dawn's daughter Liz who inherits none of her mother's strange beauty but all of her courage. Laced with tension and high adventure, Cold New Dawn tells of corruption in high places - naming names and actual events, probing at scandals. Part fact, part fiction this engrossing novel dramatically depicts the joy and the tragedy, the wisdom and the fo