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Redemption Blue
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CHRISTMAS, and it’s the end of the road for Matt and Lauren Silver’s tempestuous marriage. Rock star Silver has been touring abroad just once too often, neglecting Lauren and their twin daughters, Gudrun and Freya. In a desperate attempt to put things right, Silver cancels his tour and comes home for his children - but instead of the reconciliation he seeks he triggers a tragedy which will shatter all their lives forever. Silver’s car smashes though bridge railings into the River Thames. Little Gudrun is killed in the horrific crash and Silver himself vanishes into the shadows of underworld London, injured, traumatized, and unable to face what he has done. Lauren Silver is crushed by guilt, and young Freya is so emotionally scarred that no-one can reach her. No-one except Inspector Sam Cobb, the detective sent to investigate the tragedy - a man with scars of his own. He only reluctantly enters the Silvers’ bleak world, but when he does he brings hope. Hope of recovery. Hope for the