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The Murray Whelan Trilogy
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Murray Whelan – political fixer, hopeless romantic, inadvertant detective and accidental MP – is the unreliable narrator of six novels. Sequentially, they follow his journey through the ranks of a well-known but entirely fictional Australian political party. The action takes place mainly in Melbourne, a city on the way to nowhere. Each story is a stand-alone episode in Murray’s stumble upwards through the political process from lowly electorate officer to member of the federal parliament. Intended as political satire and badged as crime, they defy easy categorisation and have been callled everything from apparachik-lit to retro-thrillers. They abound with cheap laughs and terrible puns. The first book,Stiff, is set in 1984. The most recent,Sucked In , takes place in the vicinity of 1998. Some of the books have been published in translation in exotic locales like the US, Britain, France Switzerland, Japan and Finland. (“Paljon Pyydetty” is a rather catchy title, don’t you think