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The Jackal's Share
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corporate investigator follows the Middle East’s criminal money trail in this sequel to The Silent Oligarch A desperate race against time that pits modern wealth against buried betrayals, The Jackal’s Share carries readers from London to Lake Como, from the rotten alleys of Marrakesh to the shining spires of Dubai. This is the story of corporate investigator Benjamin Webster, returning from his explosive debut in The Silent Oligarch. Now his client is a powerful billionaire whose demands soon thrust Webster from the dreamlike existence of the elite rich into a grimmer world of blackmail, offshore money, arms dealing, and terrorism. When a prestigious London art dealer is found murdered in Tehran—and the Iranian government accuses him of smuggling rare artifacts—the last person anyone suspects is Darius Qazai. A fabulously successful financier, London luminary, and friend of the deceased, Qazai has directed his life and wealth toward philanthropy, cultural promotion, and peacefu